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Mission Statement
Capital District Respite is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to assist children and youth to remain in their communities through the provision of respite, skill, family support, pre-vocational, special needs advocacy and crisis avoidance services. This is accomplished by helping children and youth identify their strengths, explore interests, introduce them to their communities and promote an active healthy lifestyle.
Purpose of Activities
  • To nurture and empower the child while providing opportunity for growth and development.
  • Activities always have a plan and a reason.
  • Our providers set limits, define consequences, maintain clear boundaries and provide positive feedback.
  • Our providers focus on the developmental stage of the child and work with the child toward achieving age appropriate developmental tasks needed to live successfully in their homes and communities.
We take into consideration the following factors:
  • Location
  • Cost
  • Risk factors
  • Level of stimulation
  • Developmental age of the child
  • Child’s strength
  • Cultural norms
  • Provider and Child's schedule
Capital District Respite (CDR) strives to assist the child in familiarizing themselves with their communities in a cost effective manner. CDR provides flex funds for activities.
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